System Migration with Modernization

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System Migration refers to the act of reassigning data and programs from one computer system to another. This whole process of Migration may occupy physical system migration, when old hardware strategies are no longer capable of meeting the requirements of the system or the hardware components have been damaged. It is also part of data based migration, in which files and other data are transferred to a new operating system.

In Information Technology, Migration is the technique of moving from the use of one operating environment to another operating environment. The example for this is, moving from Windows NT Server to Windows 2000 Server would usually be considered a migration as it consists creating surely the new features that are exploited, and old settings does not need any changes, and taking steps to ensure that current application continue to work in the new environment.

Migration can be moving Windows NT to a UNIX – based operating system or the reverse. Basically Migration can occupy moving to new hardware, new software or both. Migration can be small-scale like migrating a single system or large-scale including many systems, new applications or a redesigned network.

A System Migration is the practice of transferring business process IT assets and resources to a newer hardware infrastructure or a different software platform for the purpose of keeping up with current technologies or to gain better business value.

The moment migration only include data and software, the move can be automated using relocations of software. Especially with the growing popularity of cloud computing, many business are migrating their system into the cloud, which is usually done using automated tools in quite a short period.

The main tools which are included in system migration:

  • The present system no longer performs as expected.
  • A new latest technology which makes processes faster becomes available.
  • The previous system becomes deprecate and support is no longer available for it.
  • The organization is in direction of change.

Classically data migration happens during an upgrade of existing hardware or transfer to a completely new system.

Here are three main options to accomplish data migration:

  • Merging the system from the two companies into a latest brand new one.
  • Migrate one of the system to the other one.
  • Leaving the system as it was earlier but creates a common view on top of them.

Axiletech’s Migration Services are,

  • Web Enablement
  • Application Up-gradation
  • Testing and certified products on different platforms and versions.
  • Re-enabling, re-hosting and re-engineering.
  • Integration and improvement of legacy system with new Internet-driven technologies.

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